AQUASTOP – The NOFIRNO® / AQUASTOP® sealing system is a proprietary,
state-of-the-art method for sealing existing pipe and cable penetrations that are
experiencing real-time water leakage.

  • For sealing existing pipe and cable penetrations that have water leakage



The system can be applied to wet surfaces, resulting in a long-term seal against further water ingress. Any existing, leaking seal already in place can either be removed or remain when utilizing the NOFIRNO® / AQUASTOP® system.

Today’s typical application areas of the AQUASTOP system are:

  • Utility facilities
  • sealing existing groundwater leaks around conduits 
  • for use in underground pumping stations
  • making telecommunication pits watertight
  • sealing tunnel leaks
  • sealing leaks around multi-cable penetrations.
  • Applicable for all types of cables and pipes
  • Provides high levels of gas and water tightness
  • No special transit frames required
  • Easy re-entry for future cable or pipe changes 
  • Installs over existing, leaking seal if it cannot be removed
  • Can be installed over leaking link-type seals
  • No metal parts – no corrosion
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening
  • Prevents condensation on service pipes
  • Allows longitudinal and radial movement of pipes
  • Provides protection against rodent ingress.


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